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Wangki Tangni

Partner in Nicaragua


Wangki Tangni is a community development organization run by and for Indigenous Peoples on Nicaragua's North Atlantic coast. Since 1990, the Wangki Tangni Women's Center has served more than 60 communities along the Coco River.

Wangki Tangni promotes sustainable development, protects traditional culture, and improves health among Indigenous Peoples. 

Together with MADRE, Wangki Tangni is demanding every woman’s right to a life free of violence. Wangki Tangni provides a community of support for survivors of violence by offering emergency care and counseling. Women also learn how to gather evidence and testimonies to prosecute perpetrators. 

Your Support in Action

MADRE and Wangki Tangni run Harvesting Hope, a collective of Indigenous women farmers growing the food their families need to survive on the remote, North Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua.
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