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Wangki Tangni

Partner in Nicaragua


Wangki Tangni is a community development organization run by and for Indigenous Peoples on Nicaragua's North Atlantic coast. Since 1990, the Wangki Tangni Women's Center has served more than 60 communities along the Coco River.

Wangki Tangni promotes sustainable development, protects traditional culture, and improves health among Indigenous Peoples. 

Together with MADRE, Wangki Tangni is demanding every woman’s right to a life free of violence. Wangki Tangni provides a community of support for survivors of violence by offering emergency care and counseling. Women also learn how to gather evidence and testimonies to prosecute perpetrators. 

Your Support in Action

MADRE and Wangki Tangni run Harvesting Hope, a collective of Indigenous women farmers growing the food their families need to survive on the remote, North Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua.
Helping Hands: Give Your Goods a Second Life

Join our Helping Hands campaign! Donate your first aid supplies, medical equipment, classroom materials and other vital necessities for women in our partner communities in Nicaragua. With you, women have the tools they need to sustain their families and strengthen their communities.

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Your Support in Action

It has been one year since Hurricane Maria hit. Puerto Rico is still very much feeling the impacts of the disaster and now has an official death toll near 3,000 people. In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, MADRE members stepped up and helped MADRE contributed to the Maria Fund in Puerto Rico. 

published: 09/17/2018
Press Release

A new international treaty is in the works, focusing on crimes against humanity such as massacres, torture, and rape. However, the draft treaty adopts an opaque definition of gender, that would give some governments an excuse to ignore persecution of women and LGBTIQ people. Most civil society groups are unaware of the treaty and have not weighed in. Today, activists are launching a campaign calling on the international community to affirm our understanding of discrimination, including when based on sexual orientation, gender identity or sex characteristics.

published: 09/17/2018
Your Support in Action

In Kenya, MADRE partners with Indigenous women leaders who organize to build healthier and more resilient communities. Together, we combat the dangers of climate change by creating sustainable farming initiatives and protecting water sources. We advocate for the rights of women and girls to be educated, to be safe from violence and to step up as leaders. We're excited to share these two videos, to give you a glimpse at that work.

published: 08/13/2018
Your Support in Action

Two of our partners need your voice now. Mother and daughter Tulia Maris Valencia and Sara Quiñonez are two Afro-Colombian women human rights defenders who have been unjustly imprisoned in a maximum security prison, on baseless charges.

published: 07/25/2018
Your Support in Action

MADRE staff visited our partners in Guatemala earlier this year, traveling from community to community to meet with grassroots women organizers. We saw so clearly the impact that supporters like you make possible and wanted to share a few stories and snapshots with you.

published: 07/20/2018