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Rapid Response, Rapid Action

Our solidarity-based relationships with grassroots partners all over the world allows MADRE to act nimbly when a crisis hits their communities. Whether it’s from the worsening climate catastrophe or the outbreak of conflict, we get support directly to those affected immediately. And we continue to support the leadership of local women, girls, and LGBTQIA+ people of all genders to meet their needs and advance their rights.

The People’s Peace

MADRE works with local women and girl leaders to address root causes of conflict and advance rights through their participation in peace processes, and to oppose the rising authoritarianism that promotes and feeds on conflict.

Resist In Body

MADRE works with girls, women, disabled, and LGBTQIA+ people to advance disability rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, abortion rights, midwifery, and freedom from domestic violence all over the globe.

Sowing Solidarity

Access to clean and productive land, air, and water is the most basic necessity of any community but the climate crisis puts it all at risk. MADRE works to unravel the economic and political systems that drive the climate crisis, restoring land and water rights, and food sovereignty, to communities who will foster sustainable, instead of extractive, economies.

“We want the conservation of our land. Because that is our home. Mother Earth is our home.”

Lucy Mulenkei Executive Director, Indigenous Information Network
a cutout photo of Lucy Mulenkei smiling at the camera

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