MADRE works toward a world where women and people who are marginalized fully participate in shaping policies and decision making, their expertise and leadership is recognized and upheld, and they equitably hold power and resources within their communities.

a Indigenous Kenyan woman walks with her infant on her back

How our work is different.

We build solidarity-based partnerships with grassroots movements in more than 40 countries, working side-by-side with local leaders on policy solutions, grantmaking, capacity bridging, and legal advocacy to achieve our shared vision for justice.

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Proceso de Comunidades Negras organizes Black, Afro-descendant, Palenquera, and Raizal communities throughout Colombia to combat discrimination and exclusion and to defend their rights.


We rise to global challenges with local leaders

Advancing Climate Justice

MADRE provides rapid aid to communities experiencing climate disasters. We also stay the course to resource the leadership of women, girls, and LGBTQIA+ people of all genders, so they can address the climate crisis and the extractive industries driving it.


Building A Just Peace

MADRE supports grassroots women and girl leaders striving to create peaceful, just communities in which everyone can thrive. Together, we bring urgent aid to communities, work to address root causes of conflict, and advance rights through women and girls’ participation in peace processes.


Ending Gender Violence

MADRE works to eliminate violence targeting women, girls, and LGBTQIA+ people of all genders. We provide tools and services to help people recover from and prevent gender-based violence and support laws to hold perpetrators accountable.


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