Leaders for justice at every age

MADRE supports the intergenerational work for gender justice and advances leaders from every generation in campaigns to advance the rights of women and girls and LGBTQIA+ people of all genders.

a young Afro-Colombian woman wearing tradition dress smiles directly at the camera
Our Results
Girls are leading

Girls, including trans girls, are mobilizing and leading youth movements.

All generations step up

There is a balanced power-dynamic and recognition between girl activists and the adults that support them.

Movements are intersectional

Queer, trans, Afro-descendent and Indigenous people and those who are disabled, refugees, enslaved or conscripted by armed groups are welcome, supported, and able to lead.

a large group of young Colombians act in a play


With MADRE’s support, Taller de Vida offers sports, art, and theater programs to help young people develop their artistic talents. What’s more, participants heal from war and discrimination by expressing themselves through acting, dance and painting. These programs help young war survivors envision — and work to create — a more just and peaceful world.


Gender justice is
intergenerational work

Girls know best the needs of young people in their communities and how to mobilize their generation to action. Adults can play an important role in creating space for and fostering girls’ leadership, and have the perspective that comes from experience.

a young Ugandan woman smiles at the camera


MADRE works with Deaf Girls Rescue in Uganda to advance and protect the rights of Deaf girls in the country. Together, we host skills-development workshops and educate local leaders on the rights of Deaf girls.

a very large group of young people gathered with posters in the Philippines


MADRE and YouWin, a collective of young Indigenous and LGBTQIA+ women in the Philippines, are organizing community workshops on environmental and gender justice. These workshops advance women’s and girls’ leadership in response and resilience to climate disaster.

“We young people have to arm ourselves with courage and determination to seek the opportunities we want.”

Estefanía Cubillos Nova Young Feminist Disabilities Activist, Panama
a cutout headshot of Estefania Cubillo she is smiling and wearing a blazer


Supporting Indigenous Children in Nepal

MADRE offers direct resourcing to a local initiative in Nepal developed by a single young activist to keep Indigenous children in school and support those already forced to drop out.

Santoshi, from Nepal, stands in the forest surounded by other young women

Ruhani Kaur

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