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MADRE - Global women's rights 

An Unforgettable Journey

On the occasion of MADRE’s 35th Anniversary, we invite you to travel with Executive Director Yifat Susskind to Kenya, where Indigenous women are defending human rights and innovating sustainable solutions to climate change.

MADRE partners with grassroots women on the frontlines of war and disaster. Together, we meet urgent needs and create lasting change.


We Partner for Social Change

MADRE partners with grassroots women's groups facing war, disaster and their aftermath. Together, we meet urgent needs and build women's capacity to create positive social change.

We Advocate for Human Rights

MADRE applies the tools of human rights advocacy to create social change with our partners. We make international law accountable to the people it's meant to serve.

What We Can Learn from Indigenous Women at the Ballot Box

With the first year of Trump’s presidency behind us and midterm elections fast approaching, progressive women are faced with the looming question of what comes next. How can we go beyond resistance to advance our progressive vision, especially in this difficult moment in history when the right is on the rise? 

Watch Video

Yifat Susskind, MADRE Executive Director, appeared on 112BK with Ashley Ford to address global women's rights, the rise of the right and how progressive activists can learn from each other to build stronger movements.

Women Are the Key to Peace

Women in Iraq, Colombia, Syria, the Korean Peninsula and beyond are leading the way to a peaceful world. As crises escalate, we must support their work to save lives, protect communities and prevent violence.


With you and with MADRE, our grassroots partners protect and provide for the most vulnerable. They build new skills and grow as community leaders. And they bring their demands to policymakers and advocate for rights, resources and results.



Where We Work

Our partners and projects span the globe: Nicaragua, Guatemala, Haiti, Colombia, Kenya, Palestine, Syria and Iraq.



Together, we save lives, rebuild communities and secure women's rights worldwide.