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MADRE - Global women's rights 

Mothering on the Borders

“To see the world through the eyes of those who are responsible for its most vulnerable people: that’s what it means to work from the perspective of mothers. When we do this, we understand anew the issues that drive migration and border brutality – and the solutions needed to address them.” Click below to read more from our Executive Director Yifat Susskind.

We fund work to meet urgent needs in communities, enhance women's leadership and build strong local institutions.

We strengthen the skills of individuals and organizations to mobilize in communities, influence policies and sustain movements.

We mobilize our team of advocates and lawyers to train and accompany partners in shared campaigns for policy change.

Our grassroots partners are women leaders who protect and provide for communities facing war and disaster. Together, we build skills, strengthen local organizations and advance progressive movements. And we bring women's demands to policymakers and advocate for rights, resources and results.

Indigenous women delegation visits activists in Arizona

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The Trump Administration has stepped up its assault on immigrants, refugees and Indigenous Peoples. In response, we brought a delegation of Indigenous women from all across the world to the US-Mexico border. They came together with Indigenous women and leaders in Arizona to exchange experiences and solutions. Watch a video that captures highlights of that visit.

The International Crimes Against Humanity Treaty

A new convention on crimes against humanity (CAH) is in its final draft stages, but most civil society groups — including women, LGBTIQ, disability, Indigenous, aboriginal, youth, caste, and racial and ethnic minority rights groups — have not weighed in. The CAH drafting process is moving quickly in the UN process, and now is a critical time to get involved.

Solidarity with Women Human Rights Defenders

We need to do more to protect women human rights defenders and demand accountability. The next time you hear about women who are threatened or killed for asserting their basic rights, ask who benefits.