Becoming a part of MADRE means being part of an ever-growing team of individuals working together to attain a shared vision of a just future. From policy solutions to grantmaking, from working in solidarity with our global grassroots partners to strategic communication and storytelling, MADRE’s team creates real change from the local level up.

Our goal is a world where women, girls, and people who are marginalized fully participate in shaping policies and decision making, their expertise and leadership is recognized and upheld, and they equitably hold power and resources within their communities. At MADRE, we uphold a spirit of collaboration and the strength of community and are committed to providing the best possible climate for maximum development and goal achievement for all employees.


We are looking for the next-generation of leaders, activists, and advocates to participate in MADRE’s internship program.

MADRE offers three internship sessions throughout the year: Summer (June-August), Fall (September-December), and Spring (January-May).

MADRE does not have the capacity to sponsor visa applications for interns from outside the US. If you are an international applicant, please indicate in your application that you have authorization to legally work in the US.

Please send your application to ONLY one email address. If you wish to apply to multiple internships send your application to your first choice and include your other choices in your cover letter.

Deadlines (unless otherwise indicated): March 15 (Summer); July 15 (Fall); November 15 (Spring).

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