Unraveling the economic and political systems that drive the climate crisis

Access to clean and productive land, air, and water is the most basic necessity of any community but the climate crisis puts it all at risk. MADRE works to unravel the economic and political systems that drive the climate crisis, restoring land and water rights, and food sovereignty, to communities who will foster sustainable, instead of extractive, economies.

a woman stand in a mustard field in Nepal

Ruhani Kaur

Our Results
Land and water rights

Our partners have legal and practical ownership of and access to clean and sustainable land and water.

Food sovereignty

Our partners are nourished by reliable and sustainable sources of food that they control.

Economic justice

Our partners dismantle the economic systems and institutions that exploit their land and labor, while creating self-sufficiency.

three Indigenous women from Kenya smile while adjusting and sewing beads on to the center woman's traditional clothing


The Indigenous Information Network works in rural communities to build protections against climate destruction, such as greenhouses and rain harvesting projects. They mobilize to bring Indigenous women climate defenders to local and international decision-making spaces, where they can advocate for funding and policy support for their sustainable climate solutions.


Placing the necessities of life in people’s hands

We’re working with our partners to ensure they have full control of their own land, water, and food, and that their local communities are sustainable with resilient economies to meet their needs.

a group of five Sudanese woman farmers stand in a field with their crops


MADRE partners with Zenab for Women in Development to organize women farmers in Sudan to exchange strategies amidst protracted drought. They founded their country’s first women farmers union and have used their shared strength to push for access to resources and tools previously reserved for men.

a group of five women ranging an age from infant to elderly


MADRE works with the grassroots community organization Wangki Tangni to promote sustainable development, protect traditional culture, and improve health among Indigenous Peoples on Nicaragua’s North Atlantic coast.

“Climate destruction is a reality. We want the women to be equipped to deal with drought and other threats.”

Fatima Ahmed President, Zenab for Women in Development
a cut out image of Fatima Ahmed from the waist up holding wheat


Feeding families in Guatemala

MADRE partners with grassroots group MUIXIL to fight hunger in Indigenous communities in Guatemala.

a young Indigenous woman in Guatemala holds two chickens

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a group of four Nepalese woman hold each other while smiling and chatting