Sudanese woman stands displaying farming tool

Zenab for Women in Development

Zenab for Women in Development works for women and girls’ human rights and advances the social, economic, and political status of rural Sudanese women and girls.

Together with MADRE, Zenab ensures equal opportunity for thousands of Sudanese women to build, support, and educate their communities.

Zenab for Women in Development works to advance Sudanese women and girls on several levels:

  • Train women farmers in climate-resilient agriculture

  • Raise awareness of Sudanese women’s issues, including female genital mutilation, maternal health, the rights of incarcerated women, and human trafficking

  • Promote girls’ education by constructing girls’ schools


Zenab for Women in Development supports women and girls to overcome marginalization and climate disaster.

Rural women in Sudan face overlapping crises of poverty, environmental degradation, and discrimination. Many struggle to provide enough food for their families. Meanwhile, the effects of the global climate crisis are wreaking havoc. Droughts and floods are destroying crops and making farmers’ traditional knowledge obsolete. Many of these farmers are women, who grow and harvest the majority of their families’ food.

a Sudanese woman farmer stands in a field of wheat

Sowing Solidarity

With support from MADRE, Zenab transformings small-scale agriculture in Sudan to advance climate justice by teaching women farmers sustainable techniques and eco-friendly practices that boost their harvests, ensure ample food supplies, and secure community well-being.

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a group of five Sudanese woman farmers stand in a field with their crops

Generation Justice

Zenab organizes across generations to raise awareness of the problems of female genital mutilation and human trafficking, and to support maternal health, incarcerated women’s rights, and education for girls.

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Zenab for Women in Development is named in honor of Zenab Mohamad Nour, who took the lead in promoting girls’ rights to education in Sudan despite long-established customs confining women’s role to marriage and reproduction.

A legacy of advancing women

Fatima Ahmed stands holding wheat with her mother Zenab

“We need progress in health, in education, in all areas. For this, we need peace in local communities, at a national level and at an international level. That is the only way.”

Fatima Ahmed President, Zenab for Women in Development
a cut out image of Fatima Ahmed from the waist up holding wheat

MADRE and Zenab co-founded Sudan’s first women farmers union, supporting thousands of women farmers to grow the food their families need to survive in the face of the climate crisis.

We supply women farmers with the tools and information they need to thrive in their communities.

We advance these women farmers as climate leaders, bringing their voices to international climate negotiations.



MADRE provided Zenab’s women farmer’s union with an oil miller and hundreds of seeds so they can squeeze oil from sesame seeds and groundnuts, eliminating the need for third party millers and saving these women time, energy, and money.

a Sudanese woman farmer stands in a field holding her crops

Zenab for Women in Development

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