A young woman on Playa Bocana in Puerto Cabeza

Wangki Tangni

Wangki Tangni is a community development organization run by and for Indigenous Peoples on Nicaragua's North Atlantic coast.

MADRE works with Wangki Tangni to end violence against women and girls in Nicaragua and advance Indigenous rights and well-being.

With MADRE’s support, Wangki Tangni makes Indigenous women and their communities self-sufficient and safe:

  • Train Indigenous women to compile evidence of violence to change policies

  • Resource a local farming collective

  • Provide counseling and social support


Wangki Tangni demands every woman’s right to a life free of violence.

In Indigenous communities on the North Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua, women and girls confront poverty, discrimination, and high levels of abuse. This violence is aggravated by drug and human trafficking, and perpetrators are rarely prosecuted. Women and girls survivors of violence in isolated communities need to travel many days by boat or on foot to reach a shelter and a court.

A woman stands in a cabbage field in Nicaragua

Sowing Solidarity

MADRE works to unravel the economic and political systems that drive the climate crisis and impoverish Indigenous Peoples, and supports efforts to restore land and water rights and food sovereignty to colonized communities.

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a group of five women ranging an age from infant to elderly

Generation Justice

MADRE supports the intergenerational work for gender justice and advances leaders from every generation in campaigns to advance the rights of women and girls and LGBTQIA+ people of all genders.

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Since 1990, Wangki Tangni has served more than 60 communities along the Coco River, promoting sustainable development, protecting traditional culture, and improving health among Indigenous Peoples.

Wangki Tangni means “Flower of the River” in Miskito.

an older Nicaraguan woman sits on a boat in the middle of a river

“When we talk of women’s rights, we’re not just talking about women. We’re talking about families. We have to teach our children. As a child, my son saw me and other women working for peace and fighting for our rights. He learned from us. Now, he’s an activist too, fighting for the rights of women and families in Nicaragua.”

Rose Cunningham Kain Founder and Director, Wangki Tangni

We partnered with Wankgki Tangni to transform local Indigenous communities into Shelters Without Walls, where women are safe from violence, no matter what.

We offer lasting support to survivors of violence and support women’s efforts to sustain themselves and their families.

We give women a safe space to connect and organize, provide opportunities for leadership building, and advocate for an end to gender violence.



MADRE and Wangki Tangni run Harvesting Hope, a collective of Indigenous women farmers growing the food their families need to survive on the remote, North Atlantic Coast of the country. They sell their surplus harvests at MADRE-supported farmers markets and the extra money allows many of the women farmers to send their daughters to school and invest in their families' futures.

An older woman holds a squash in Nicaragua

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