Our solidarity-based relationships with grassroots partners all over the world allows MADRE to act nimbly when a crisis hits their communities. Whether it’s from the worsening climate catastrophe or the outbreak of conflict, we get support directly to those affected immediately. And we continue to support the leadership of local women, girls, and LGBTQIA+ people of all genders to meet their needs and advance their rights.

a doctor stands facing the camera, she is in all white and wearing a hijab and mask

Ferdous Hasan

Our Emergency Fund

a Syrian mother walks with her four children a top a hill overlooking a refugee camp

MADRE’s Emergency and Disaster Relief Fund lets us act urgently to put funds in the hands of the local organizers in marginalized communities that can do the most good in times of crisis.

Our partners need us most when a disaster hits or when conflict breaks out. That’s why MADRE launched an Emergency and Disaster Relief Fund. We bring crucial resources — like food, water, medical care, and shelter — directly to the women and families most in need.

In times of crisis, marginalized communities are the hardest hit. Whether marginalized because of their gender, disability, ethnicity, or race, they often have fewer resources to start with and may have no safety net.

But these communities need more than aid, they must be allowed to lead in relief efforts at the community level. When these local organizers distribute emergency aid, it has the best chance of reaching those most in need. ​That’s why MADRE’s support strengthens these efforts in times of crisis. By partnering directly with local groups of women, girls, and marginalized people, we’re able to mobilize resources quickly and efficiently. We can carry out relief efforts in ways that respond to the priorities and perspectives of local communities.

Our Results
Urgent relief

Our partners are better able to meet the self-identified urgent needs of women and girls in their communities.

Resiliency for the future

Our partners have the resilience to withstand shocks, adapt and respond effectively to unforeseen challenges.

Resources for lasting change

Our partners have the financial resources to consciously develop more feminist, rights-based activities and programs to create long-term change in their communities.

Support Emergencies
women in the back of large truck going to work in the cotton field


As Turkey and Syria faced an immense humanitarian disaster in the wake of a catastrophic earthquake on February 8, 2023, MADRE was able to immediately begin distributing funds to communities in desperate need thanks to our partnership with Women Now for Development. Women Now for Development supports Syrian women and children displaced from the civil war and organizes their communities to advance their rights.


Local relationships build a global reach

We believe there’s no such thing as a hard-to-reach community. Our worldwide network of deep partnerships means when disaster strikes, MADRE is already on the scene.

a Hijabi mother holds her two daughters hands in a ruined building as they look into the camera


As Afghanistan endured the Taliban takeover in 2021, MADRE worked with our local grassroots partners to help women and girls escape violence, establishing safehouses and providing material support. When a massive earthquake struck Afghanistan in 2022, our relationships with local women organizers allowed us to rapidly deliver humanitarian relief to directly impacted communities.

a woman stands in crowd at a women's rights rally in Kyiv


As Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, MADRE leapt into action with emergency grants to frontline women leaders in the country. We kept close watch and worked to ensure that communities in the crossfire had access to food, medicine, and other essential goods and services.

“MADRE and its supporters saved my life and the lives of my children…Thank God for the connection to the sisterhood and the feminist activists, when Kabul fell to the Taliban. Because of their solidarity, I finally received help”

Jamila Afghani Afghan Human Rights Defender


Violence Against Palestinian Communities

In early 2023, the Israeli government escalated violence in occupied territories, raining bombs, tear gas, and gunfire on Palestinian neighborhoods. Thanks to our supporters, MADRE was able to supply Palestinian communities with the funds they need for emergency medical treatment and mental health support.

a group of women Palestinian activist at a rally

Alexandros Michailidis

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