Fatima Ahmed

President, Zenab for Women in Development

a cut out image of Fatima Ahmed from the waist up holding wheat

“I wish peace for my children, because without peace, how can we make any progress? We need progress in health, in education, in all areas. For this, we need peace in local communities, at a national level and at an international level. That is the only way.”

Fatima Ahmed sits with another women listening to a someone speak

Fatima’s activism:

Fatima’s work is rooted in her childhood. She’s the daughter of Zenab Mohamad Nour, an educator who promoted girls’ rights to education in a country that too often saw their futures solely in terms of marriage and childbearing.

Fatima carried on her mother’s legacy in college, fighting for women students’ rights at the University of Gezira. She also developed volunteer programs to aid people in Eastern Sudan facing famine.

She founded Zenab for Women in Development, named for her mother, in 2000. As its president and chairperson, Fatima has worked tirelessly to advocate for the rights of vulnerable and marginalized Sudanese people and earned recognition from the United Nations for her efforts.

"Climate change is a reality. We want the women to be equipped to deal with drought and other threats."

Zenab for Women in Development works for women and girls’ human rights and advances the social, economic and political status of rural Sudanese women and girls.

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