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Taller de Vida

Partner in Colombia


Taller de Vida provides critical services for Afro-Colombian and Indigenous women and youth recovering from war. With MADRE support, they use art and activism to provide healing for survivors of wartime violence. They work with youth at risk of recruitment as child soldiers in Colombia's decades-long war. 

Taller de Vida offers sports, art, and theater programs to help young people develop their artistic talents. What's more, participants heal from war and express themselves through acting, dance and painting. These programs help young war survivors envision—and work to create—a more peaceful world. Through art, the youth at Taller de Vida share past experiences and build a network of support for the future.

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Your Support in Action

I've just returned from a fact-finding trip to Arizona, where we visited gender violence survivors at the Eloy detention center. They have come from countries across the region to seek asylum here in the US. But instead of sanctuary, many of them are trapped in long-term detention in a system stacked against them. Trump's latest executive order, announced while I was in Arizona, makes it even worse, upending asylum law to reject even more people seeking safety. 

published: 11/14/2018
Your Support in Action

Our partners at the Organization for Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) are offering new courses! Their programs already give women shelter, care and the chance to reinvent their lives, including through job training. Now, OWFI has added first aid, literacy, and sewing and handicrafts classes! Nearly 60 women have attended these classes so far - 49 of whom had never before taken a class with OWFI. 

published: 11/09/2018
Your Support in Action

The Brisas del Cauca community in Colombia is demanding the right to be resettled and rehoused with dignity. By taking local action and bringing applying our international advocacy strategy to the cause, MADRE is helping to seek justice for this community.

published: 11/02/2018
Human Rights Report

This report, published in advance of the UN Human Rights Council’s review of the Democratic Republic of the Congo's human rights record in April/May 2019, documents human rights violations against women and girls, including threats to and violations of their gender-based human rights and participation in peacebuilding efforts, particularly in the eastern provinces of the country.

published: 10/12/2018