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Haitian Women's Collective

The Haitian Women's Collective uses women’s shared expertise and power to advance health, education, civic engagement, leadership, and opportunities for communities in Haiti.

The Haitian Women’s Collective works to support the self-identified needs of the Haitian people by resourcing and strengthening the capacity of women- and girl-led organizations and movements in the country.

With MADRE’s support, the group achieves its goals in many areas:

  • Fund grassroots women’s organizations

  • Provide a reproductive health clinic for over 300 women

  • Organize humanitarian response to COVID-19 and the 2010 earthquake


The Haitian Women’s Collective supports Haitian women and girls to live and thrive.

The legacy of colonialism as well as modern extractive economic policies —including those pushed by the US — has plundered Haiti’s economy and left many Haitians without adequate access to the necessities of life. This situation is compounded by repeated disasters like the 2010 earthquake and successive tropical storms and hurricanes.

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Resist in Body

The Haitian Women’s Collective offers a reproductive health clinic and supports local midwives to advance women’s and girls’ control over their own bodies and sexuality.

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Rapid Response, Rapid Action

We partnered with the Haitian Women’s Collective to mobilize medical supplies, food aid, and clean water to those affected by the massive 2021 earthquake.

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After the several recent earthquakes and during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Haitian Women’s collective responded with proven methods to prevent gender-based violence, which invariably surges in the wake of disasters like these.

MADRE supports these efforts with our toolkit of best practices for violence prevention created in collaboration with Global South women’s organizations.

Protecting women, girls, and LGBTQIA+ people in crisis

large group of people who make up the Haitian Women's Collective

“Unless we can create space for Haitian voices, especially women’s voices, in policies that affect them, Haiti will continue to suffer. For true recovery to happen, the US must take responsibility for some of the abusive conditions in Haiti.”

Carine Jocelyn Founder, Haitian Women's Collective

The Haitian Women’s Collective supports women’s and girl’s health, providing support for both reproductive health needs and public health crises.

The group launched the Vitamin Angel project to prevent malnutrition in pregnant people and children in 2021.

They maintain a coordinated, member-led COVID-19 response across Haiti.



MADRE funding helps the Haitian Women’s Collective provide cash assistance to women-led organizations and offer a reproductive health clinic to over 300 women.

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