a woman gathers water in Yemen city

Food for Humanity

Food for Humanity is a local grassroots humanitarian organization founded by a group of women activists in response to the deterioration in living conditions from ongoing war and fosters access to basic needs for Yemeni families.

Food for Humanity has been at the forefront of negotiating peace agreements in Yemen, opening humanitarian aid corridors, and securing the release of imprisoned people. As frontline responders and drivers of long-term peace, Food for Humanity is at the heart of efforts to advance a sustainable peace in Yemen.

Food for Humanity supports Yemeni women and girls and advances peace in a number of ways,

  • Mediate between armed groups to bring an end to a dispute over water and to secure safety for children

  • Train young women to launch livelihood projects, like greenhouses

  • Provide medical supplies in Al-Hodeidah and Taiz


Food for Humanity works toward peace and shared resources.

The Yemeni civil war, fueled by US military support for the Saudi-led coalition and by Houthi rebel attacks, has degraded living conditions and limited access to basic necessities. Airstrikes decimate communities and armed groups deliberately target women and girls, including by detaining, threatening, and torturing women human rights defenders.

Yifat Susskind and Muna Luqman walk down the hall after visiting congress members

The People’s Peace

MADRE brought Food for Humanity founder Muna Luqman to speak with policymakers in Washington, DC, about a just and feminist US policy towards Yemen. Together, we began building support for an inclusive peace process in Yemen and improved delivery of humanitarian and development aid.

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a young Yemeni woman in hijab stands on the top of a mountain

Rapid Response, Rapid Action

With funds provided by MADRE, Food for Humanity is able to distribute water and equip community organizers and health workers to carry out their urgent work responding to crises in Yemen.

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Due to ongoing war and famine, most Yemenis haven’t been able to earn an income in years. With MADRE’s support, Food for Humanity spent tens of thousands of dollars to reinvigorate small-scale livelihoods, like street food vendors, by providing seed money to vendors. The income allows the vendors to afford rent and basic needs and provides financial and psychological relief.

Reinvigorating Yemeni livelihoods

women fill up water tanks in Yemen

“In each crisis, women peacebuilders have the experience to deal with social cohesion, racism, and hatred – and highlight and support community togetherness, which is so important for preventing violence.”

Muna Luqman Founder and Chair, Food for Humanity

With MADRE’s support, Food for Humanity is advancing Yemeni women and girls as peacemakers. Their on-the-ground, lifesaving work that builds trust and fosters connections across communities gives them the expertise needed to be key actors in peace processes.

The group has negotiated ceasefires, the opening of humanitarian aid corridors, and the release of hundreds of detainees.

Food for Humanity has been able to negotiate a truce among conflicting villages.



MADRE brought our partner Muna Luqman — the Founder of Food for Humanity in Yemen — to speak with policymakers in Washington, DC, about a just and feminist US policy towards Yemen. In February 2021, President Biden announced an end to US support for offensive operations in the country.

Muna stands in front of us capitol building

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