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Four decades of advancing gender justice

Forty years ago, the women who founded MADRE saw the future we all deserve: a world where women, girls, and all people who are marginalized fully participate in shaping policies and decision-making, their expertise and leadership is recognized and upheld, and they equitably hold power and resources within their communities. They created MADRE as a vehicle to take us there.

Since our founding, MADRE has built solidarity-based partnerships with grassroots movements in more than 40 countries, working side-by-side with local leaders on policy solutions, grantmaking, capacity bridging, and legal advocacy.

This year, as MADRE celebrates our 40th anniversary, we carry that legacy forward and continue our work fostering a world of racial, gender, climate, and disability justice.

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We work with our grassroots partners to prevent future crises and build communities that thrive. With them, we can address root causes holistically through funds that supply crucial resources, advocacy that builds stronger feminist policies, and capacity bridging that enables partners to learn tools and techniques from other activists and leaders around the world.

three Afro-Colombian women at a protest in Colombia


When decades of armed conflict came to an end in Colombia, the initial implementation of the Peace Accords threatened the lives and rights of Afro-Colombian and Indigenous Peoples, particularly women and girls. MADRE and our partner, Proceso de Comunidades Negras, brought grassroots leaders from these communities into the peace process through advocacy and organizing, ensuring their perspectives were included.

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a Syrian mother walks with her four children a top a hill overlooking a refugee camp


In early 2023, the Israeli government escalated violence in occupied territories, raining bombs, tear gas, and gunfire on Palestinian neighborhoods. Thanks to our supporters, MADRE was able to supply Palestinian communities with the funds they need for emergency medical treatment and mental health support.

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“MADRE and its supporters saved my life and the lives of my children…Thank God for the connection to the sisterhood and the feminist activists, when Kabul fell to the Taliban. Because of their solidarity, I finally received help”

Jamila Afghani Afghan Human Rights Defender

MADRE Speaks: Interviews

"we need to organize all communities and we need to raise the consciousness of everyone regarding these issues...I'm happy to see where MADRE is going with it's global perspective, because we are all connected on this planet."

Digna Sanchez, founding board member and former Director of Programs at MADRE. Digna was one of the many activists, artists, teachers, poets, and health professionals who helped build our guiding principles in 1983.

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