Yasso Bhattachan

Founding Member and Vice Chair, National Indigenous Women’s Forum

a cutout image of Yasso Bhattachan from the chest up wearing multiple colorful necklaces, a dress and a shawl

“Give Indigenous peoples the recognition of being custodians of land and territories. Shift from welfare to a rights-based approach. Amend the constitution to explicitly recognize the rights of Indigenous peoples. We, Indigenous Peoples, are the solution and not the problem.”

Yasso Bhattachan gives humanitarian supplies to a woman

Yasso’s activism:

A Thakali Indigenous woman, Yasso has dedicated her career to bringing legal recognition for the rights of Indigenous women and girls in Nepal, and advancing them as leaders in the climate crisis.

Yasso works to ensure that Indigenous women are trained and have the resources to adapt their farming techniques in the face of climate catastrophe. She also pushes to preserve and promote Indigenous practices that protect the land from harmful chemicals.

Yasso plays a critical role in advocating at the international and national levels for the full recognition and inclusion of Indigenous women and girls in the constitution of Nepal.

“Design a climate justice proposal that puts Indigenous people at the center, not money.”

National Indigenous Women Forum works with Indigenous women and girls across Nepal to empower and support them in securing their rights and addressing the root causes of their oppression through advocacy, training, research, and more.

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