Estefanía Cubillos Nova

Young Feminist Disabilities Activist, Panama

a cutout headshot of Estefania Cubillo she is smiling and wearing a blazer

“Being a feminist woman and fighting for more intersectional spaces means taking on a challenge, a consistent, daily challenge because you know there are many difficulties to overcome. There are also many women to meet who offer you opportunities, spaces, and, above all, to work as a collective.”

Estefanía Cubillos exchanges flowers with Paine Mako during a ceremony in the MADRE offices

Estefanía’s activism:

Estefanía is a journalist by training. She is blind and passionate about portraying people with disabilities positively in the media. For one of her most successful projects, she organized simulated interviews with local journalists to address stigma and stereotypes about disability. Through panel discussions with the media and disability communities, they compared the reality of journalism and the experience of women with disabilities in the media.

Estefanía is a leader and board member of the Equity and Gender Secretariat of Panama, an informal collective led by and serving women with disabilities. The group fights for justice and influence as decision-makers, creators, and promoters of girls and women with disabilities.

In addition, she works with Women Enabled International and MADRE in defense of the rights of girls, adolescents, and women with disabilities all over the world. She writes for the Rewriting The Narrative blog and contributes to disability justice publications with We Are Purposeful.

Estefanía also develops projects to prevent gender violence and address the sexual and reproductive rights of women with disabilities, together with the feminist organization Palabras Poderosxs, in Panama.