Ana Flavia Chávez Pedraza

Peruvian Trans Movement of Arequipa


“I am convinced that to achieve gender equality for all women, we must all be included. For this reason, it’s important to shed light on the issues of transgender women, who are rendered invisible and are rejected from being women in their diversity. From them, and from us, we can truly reach a point of intersectional struggle for all women, whether bisexual, lesbian, cisgender, of African descent, indigenous, migrant, et cetera.”

Ana’s activism:

Ana organizes transgender women to advance their rights.

As the president of the Peruvian Trans Movement of Arequipa, she oversees between 40 to 50 cases of discrimination against trans women every month, providing support for them and access to housing and psychological and legal services.

“It is important to take into account feminist youth, because it’s on their shoulders that we’ll be able to include all of us, with their strength, hope, and impetus.”