Ana Ceto Chàvez

Coordinator, MUIXIL

an image cutout of Ana Ceto Chavez

“As an Indigenous Guatemalan woman, I face the double discrimination of being Indigenous and being a woman. Indigenous women are discriminated against, our voices silenced and our bodies violated.”

Ana’s activism:

Growing up in the Ixil region of El Quiche, Guatemala, Ana experienced firsthand the genocide and violence committed against Indigenous communities in the country. Many of her family members and neighbors were victims of violence and displaced as a result of the genocide.

Ana has been vital in advocating and demanding restitution and recognition from the Guatemalan government for the genocide committed against the Indigenous community. She also engages women in her community to actively participate in civic and political activities and assists them in getting recognition of their human rights.

At the international level, Ana has represented MUIXIL before the International Human Rights Committee of the UN and participated in the FIMI Global Leadership School for Indigenous Women.

She obtained her degree in Legal and Social Sciences from the University of San Carlos in Guatemala, becoming the first Indigenous women in her community to receive a law degree and opening up political and legal spaces for Indigenous women in her community who have no access to the justice system.

As the coordinator of MUIXIL, Ana also leads the Women’s Weaving Collective, which creates a sustainable source of income for Indigenous women and their families.

“Earth is the center of the universe and it's the source of life.”

MUIXIL is a grassroots women’s group that promotes the political, economic, and cultural rights of Ixil Mayan and other Indigenous women in Guatemala.

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