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MADRE’s Strategies for Change Conference series provides an open and safe forum for Iraqi and Syrian women working in conflict, humanitarian disaster, and confronting violence and extremism. 

published: 04/05/2016
Your Support in Action

Nicaragua’s North Atlantic Coast is dotted with hundreds of small, isolated Indigenous communities. These villages are spread apart, making it hard for women living there to reach each other. What’s worse, when a woman is in danger or facing abuse in her home, she may not know where to turn for help.

published: 03/30/2016
Your Support in Action
OWFI Iraq Radio Station

When an Iraqi woman is threatened with deadly violence in her home, where can she turn to for information and help? For many, the answer was Al Mousawaat (Equality) radio, the human rights radio station run by MADRE’s partner group, the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq. 

published: 03/30/2016
Your Support in Action
Kenya New Water Tank

MADRE and our local partners, the Indigenous Information Network, recently put in a brand new, 10,000-liter water tank in the Enooretet community! Now, not only does this tank collect enough rain water for women and their families' daily use, but it's enough to supply the local school with water, too.

published: 03/30/2016
Your Support in Action

Young women and girls who have escaped sexual slavery by ISIS have found safe haven and security, thanks to you. That’s because your support helped MADRE and our partners at the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) open the doors to a brand new shelter and rape crisis center in Dohuk, Kurdistan—the only one of its kind in the region. 

published: 03/28/2016
Human Rights Report

The report focuses on women and girls' lack of access to education, as well as their lack of access to healthcare, including care specific to victims of gender-based violence. It also illustrates the unavailability of protection and justice for women and girls in the face of ongoing gender-based violence, including sexual violence, forced and early marriage, and "honor" crimes. 

published: 03/27/2016
Blog Post

Activists worldwide are condemning the assassination of Honduran environmental organizer and rights activist Berta Cáceres. Learn more about Berta's courageous activism, and our global demand to end impunity and violence against women human rights defenders.

published: 03/14/2016

We call on Honduras to demonstrate to the international community that you are serious about ending a pattern of impunity and attacks against environmental and human rights defenders by allowing and facilitating an independent and thorough investigation into the assassination of Berta Cáceres.

published: 03/08/2016

This call to action has been initiated by the Women's Refugee Commission. Take action, and ask your senators to maintain current funding for life-saving humanitarian assistance programs. These efforts have been historically underfunded at less than 1 percent of the...

published: 03/02/2016

When you sideline women’s voices, you risk a peace settlement that overlooks the realities, priorities and needs of the very communities it needs to protect.

published: 01/26/2016
In the News

MADRE communications director Diana Duarte on the work being done by the organisation alongside partner groups working in conflict areas.

published: 01/03/2016