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Lucy Mulenkei

Executive Director, Indigenous Information Network

Lucy Mulenkei is the Executive Director of the Indigenous Information Network (IIN). Lucy is part of the Maasai tribe and her expertise lies in the sustainable development of Kenya’s Indigenous pastoralists  communities. 

For 17 years, Lucy served as a broadcast journalist for a government-run radio station. Lucy’s reporting focused on environmental issues within rural Kenya and the East African region. She has coordinated sustainable development trainings and capacity building for Indigenous rural nomadic pastoralist and hunter-gatherers, that utilize traditional knowledge and incites conversations on biodiversity. 

Lucy has worked with more than 100 grassroots organizations in East Africa. She has also networked worldwide with other grassroots women in Latin America, Canada and Asia. 

Lucy is the co-founder and co-chair of the Indigenous Women Biodiversity Network. As an active member of the International Forum on Biodiversity and International Forum of Indigenous Women she has been coordinating various forums and networks in Africa.

"When we started IIN in 1999, I did not think we could be where we are today. The women have a voice. They recognize and talk on their rights. No matter how the environment has changed, they keep moving, adapting to the changes and coming up with innovations. It is now 2017. Eighteen years have passed, but to us, it's just like yesterday. We are still moving stronger together, motivating each other every minute, every day, every year. Thank you, MADRE."