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In uncertain times, think like a mother

Yifat Susskind, MADRE's executive director, looks at the crowd during her TED talk. Text on the graphic reads: 1,000,000+ Views for Yifat Susskind's #ThinkLikeAMother TED Talk

In December 2019, MADRE Executive Director Yifat Susskind delivered a talk at TED Women. Then, we didn't know how deeply relevant her message would be to the crisis we now face. This is a message that has always driven MADRE and that guides our strategy today: think like a mother.


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MADRE on the Ground

Graphic of the North Dakota delegation posing for a photo.There is a play button on the image to indicate this image can click-through to a video.Indigeneous Women Fighting for Climate Justice 

MADRE, in collaboration with the Indigenous Environmental Network, organized a delegation of Indigenous women climate defenders to meet with grassroots organizers in North Dakota.

This delegation was an opportunity for Indigenous women leaders fighting back against extractive industries to learn from one another. For this initiative, we gathered partners from Colombia, Guatemala, Israel, Kenya, Nepal and Nicaragua.

A group of people pose for a photo while holding a banner that says "No Borders on Gender Justice." There is a "play" button on the image to indicate this can redirect to a video.

Solidarity at the Border  

The Trump Administration has stepped up its assault on immigrants, refugees and Indigenous Peoples. In response, MADRE, US Human Rights Network and the Continental Network of Indigenous Women of the Americas partnered to bring an international delegation of Indigenous women leaders to Arizona, to stand with migrants and with Indigenous Peoples at the border.


  A woman speaks in a microphone on an outdoor staage.Women Climate Defenders

Rural and Indigenous women worldwide already feel the worst impacts of climate change — and they know how to fight it. We support their solutions on-the-ground and make sure their expertise is part of international climate policy. Because women leaders on the frontlines of climate change should be the ones setting the agenda.



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Virtual Events

Thumbnail image featuring the headshots of Indigenous Women Lead webinar participants. There is a "play" button to indicate this is a click-through image.    Graphic with yellow background and black text that reads: "Resilience through Crisis: A conversation with Yifat Susskind, Executive Director of MADRE. Moderated by Diana Duarte, Director of Policy and Strategic Engagement. Yifat's headshot is to the right

    Press Play: Biden, Foreign Policy & the Role of Feminists. A clickthrough image to our webinar with Christine Ahn, Medea Benjamin, Cindy Wiesner and Gloria Stienem.

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Dr. Myrna Cunningham speaks to an audience while sitting at a table. Text above the image reads: Tell them for us. Nicaragua (1985). There is a "play" button to indicate this image can redirect to a full video. Four women sit at a table for a conference event in front of a MADRE poster. Text above it reads: Milk & Medicine. Iraq (1992). There is a "play" button to indicate that it can redirect to a full video.

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Yifat Susskind presenting her Think Like A Mother TEDtalk. Text below reads: Ep. 15 Think Like A Mother Featuring Yifat Susskind. Human Rights Activist | Executive Director of MADRE

Episode 15: Think Like a MotherWelcome to Confident™ with Sheri and Olivia West. (May 2020)

Yifat Susskind: ...why domestic violence would increase during the pandemicNobody Told Me! (May 2020)