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MADRE - Global women's rights 

MADRE Executive Director Yifat Susskind speaks at TEDwomen

In this TED Talk, MADRE Executive Director Yifat Susskind presents a message that we need right now: think like a mother.

We fund work to meet urgent needs in communities, enhance women's leadership and build strong local institutions.

We strengthen the skills of individuals and organizations to mobilize in communities, influence policies and sustain movements.

We mobilize our team of advocates and lawyers to train and accompany partners in shared campaigns for policy change.

Our grassroots partners are women leaders who protect and provide for communities facing war and disaster. Together, we build skills, strengthen local organizations and advance progressive movements. And we bring women's demands to policymakers and advocate for rights, resources and results.

Yanar Mohamed comforts children fleeing violence

A Q&A on Economic Sanctions

MADRE supports The Congressional Oversight of Sanctions Act, introduced by Rep. Ilhan Omar, which limits the President's power to impose sanctions. Economic sanctions impact people's access to basics like food, fuel and water. What's more, women and girls are disproportionately harmed by them.

Woman providing aid to women.

Care and Connection in Crisis

In a new publication, MADRE presents what a feminist response to the COVID-19 crisis looks like. As we mobilize urgently with our partners, we are driven by the same social justice principles that have always guided our work.

Women providing aid to women.

What We Do When Crisis Strikes

More than ever, the coronavirus crisis has revealed a profound truth: we are all connected. And that connectedness is the guiding light that will show us the way through this moment of danger.

Group of Ixil women and girls
Partner Spotlight


MUIXIL fights hunger in El Quiché, a community struggling with poverty. In partnership with MADRE, MUIXIL provides chickens to Indigenous women, a sustainable source of income and food for women and their families.