Dismantling unjust hierarchies and redistributing wealth and power so everyone can thrive

People all over the world are exploited for their land and labor because of their race or ethnicity. MADRE works with leaders in these marginalized communities to build grassroots movements to take power back into their hands and end their oppression.

a young Indigenous woman stands in a field in Colombia
Our Results
Resources and reparations

Our partners have their needs met and are compensated for histories of exploitation.

Movement building

Our partners have space and safety to organize and advocate for their communities.

Shifting power

Our partners are able to effect substantial social, economic, and political change to end unjust hierarchies.

a young Indigenous Guatemalan woman sits weaving

Partnering with MUIXIL

When Indigenous people in Guatemala were displaced by hydroelectric dams, losing their homes with no compensation, MADRE worked with MUIXIL to organize women in the community to confront the extractive industry. We also convened multiple communities facing similar challenges to create alliances, share strategies and organizing models, and access policy tools.

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Everyone deserves the means to live and thrive

MADRE redistributes power to achieve justice. We build partnerships and networks through innovative grantmaking and advocacy, listening to and trusting local Black and Indigenous leaders who know their communities best.

a Sudanese woman farmer stands in a field of wheat


MADRE worked with our partner Zenab for Women in Development to organize Sudanese women to start their country’s first women farmers union and push for access to resources and tools previously reserved for men

three Afro-Colombian women at a protest in Colombia


When Colombia’s government began forced eviction of the Afro-Colombian families living on the banks of the Cauca River, MADRE worked with Proceso de Comunidades Negras to demand they be resettled and rehoused with dignity and seek reparations and accountability.

“As an Indigenous Guatemalan woman, I face the double discrimination of being Indigenous and being a woman. Indigenous women are discriminated against, our voices silenced and our bodies violated.”

Ana Ceto Chàvez Coordinator, MUIXIL
an image cutout of Ana Ceto Chavez


Fighting to Recognize Indigenous Rights in Nepal

MADRE is working with Nepal’s Bankariya people toward obtaining land titles to the ancestral homelands they resettled.

a group of women rally for women's rights in Nepal

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