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MADRE strategically integrates legal, communications, and advocacy expertise while facilitating connections with policymakers, governments, and international players. We work to make local to international law relevant and accountable to the people it is meant to serve.

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Current Actions

Gender Persecution

Targeted abuse against women and girls and LGBTQIA+ people of all genders are rarely documented when they happen the perpetrators are hardly ever held accountable for these crimes. As a result, they are often excluded from consideration by international and domestic tribunals and, in effect, are left out of history.

Learn more about our gender persecution work.
Black Colombian women during protest excitedly shout and hold the banners of feminism, anti-racist feminism and pro-choice during the march for the Global Day of Action for Safe

Crimes Against Humanity

MADRE and our grassroots partners work to ensure that the rights of women and LGBTQIA+ persons of all genders are protected under international criminal law preventing and punishing crimes against humanity.

Learn more about our crimes against humanity work.



MADRE created a manual for women and human rights defenders on documenting gender-based violence and rights violations so they can find justice and end the cycle of violence in their communities. We also produced a guide on leaving Afghanistan safely for those in the country facing life-threatening risks under the Taliban regime.

A profile shot of Palestinian woman looking down into the distance


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Group of young men and women protesting in support of Palestine

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a woman, man, and child lookout over a town square

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a crowd of people holding umbrellas at a protest in Hong Kong

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Group of youn women at a Free Palestine protest