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Women on the Move

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"I say to women everywhere who have lived through war like us: there's hope. Always raise your voice, and always join hands with other women. We will build a global chain of solidarity, and be stronger together."

Stella Duque, Director of Taller de Vida, MADRE's partner in Colombia

You provide the support women need to change their lives and the world.

Women on the frontlines of war and disaster worldwide are fighting to give their families the food, water, healthcare, and education they need.

 As the primary caretakers in their homes and communities, women are critical first-responders in crisis. When community women distribute emergency aid, it has the best chance of reaching those most in need.

When women work together, they overcome the most formidable challenges. They build schools and clinics, set up shelters and counseling centers, and help the most vulnerable among them.

Renew your annual support to reach across the globe and sustain the hopes of women around the world.

"Whatever challenges we face, whatever crises emerge, I never give up hope. That's because I know the strength and resilience of our grassroots partners — and because I know you stand with us. 

So please renew your annual support for MADRE today. Together we're building a better future for all of us."

Yifat Susskind, Executive Director of MADRE