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Women and Families Are Caught in Rising Violence Around the World

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“Airplanes torment us, dropping bombs day and night. Around me are my children with their fragile bodies, it feels like the siege has begun to eat at their very flesh.”

- Syrian mother to our local, grassroots partners on her desperate struggle to survive years of war.

Women and families who have fled war in Iraq arrive at our local partners' safe house.

US airstrikes fall in Iraq, killing innocent civilians. US bombs rain down in Syria, worsening an already agonizing war. The US drops the horribly-named “Mother of All Bombs” in Afghanistan. And this is just in the first few months of the Trump administration.

Women and families in war zones face a nightmare of being bombed, uprooted, starved and raped. And US military action, escalating under Trump, only deepens the spiral of violence that these women and families have been trapped in for years. In the month of March alone, over 1,700 civilians, including many women and children, were killed by US-led forces in Iraq and Syria.

It’s easy to feel helpless in the face of so much death and devastation. Through MADRE, you have a clear, effective way to respond. You can help deliver food, medical care, shelter and more to women and families most in need through your tax-deductible gift to MADRE today.      

Thanks to our worldwide network of on-the-ground grassroots partners, we can quickly deliver aid and care to dangerous places few other organizations can reach. Like in Mosul, Iraq, where recent US bombs killed nearly 300 civilians in one strike.

For months, MADRE and our local partners had already been mobilizing to provide urgent care to people fleeing the devastation of that city. After the US attack, we quickly expanded our network of escape routes and safe houses, opening three new shelters. Women and families fleeing Mosul for their lives receive food, water, medical care and safety for recovery and healing, thanks to the support of MADRE members like you.

But with violence on the rise and refugees on the run, we must do more. Your tax-deductible gift today can help to sustain our network of shelters for women and families escaping war and intensifying violence. Here’s what else your generosity can help make possible.

You can help us deliver lifesaving medical aid and reproductive health care supplies to a hospital in rural Syria — one of the few still in operation.

You can help us protect Syrian children orphaned by war. Scared and alone, they arrive at refugee camps with no caretakers and no support. Your gift can help provide recreational activities, like sports and art, that double as therapeutic counseling to help these children heal from the terror they’ve endured.

What’s more, with you by our side, we ensure that women and families struggling in the aftermath of war and disaster have the support they need to rebuild their lives, long after the news cycle has moved on. 

For many women and children struggling to survive war, it’s us — or no one. Please make a lifesaving gift to MADRE today!

With gratitude,

Yifat Susskind

P.S. “I speak to you from an underground shelter, a kind of crypt which stinks with mold, and cries out with coldness and pain. All that is here for us is fear, helplessness and waiting for death.” These are the chilling words of a mother. Women and families like hers are caught in the crosshairs of rising violence around the world. Your gift guarantees that we can act quickly, delivering aid to women and families when and where others can’t. Please make a generous gift to MADRE today.