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Website Developer / Designer

MADRE seeks a Website Developer / Designer to update and maintain a website, which hosts an observatory on gender based violence committed against Afro-descendent people in Colombia. 

I. Project Overview and Objectives: 

MADRE and its partner organization Proceso de Comunidades Negras (PCN) are engaged in a process of monitoring and documenting sexual and gender based violence committed against Afro-descendent populations both during the conflict in Colombia and on an ongoing basis. In this context, the VigiaAfro website was created to make this documentation more accessible to relevant stakeholders. 

II. Who is MADRE?

MADRE is a non-profit international feminist human rights and humanitarian organization based in New York that supports grassroots women's organizations around the world in war, disaster and their aftermath. It helps women meet urgent needs, build safer and healthier communities, and advocate for lasting change.

III. Job Requirements

  • Fluency in one of the following languages and mid-level fluency in the other: English; Spanish. The backend tools will need to be in Spanish.
  • Ability to use open source software / operating systems.
  • Ability to review and update the website including: 
    • Regularly updating the website and adding new reports and information. 
  • Ability to provide ongoing technical support through the end of November 2021. 

IV. Intended Website Audience

The VigiaAfro website has an educational purpose aimed at several Spanish- and English-speaking audiences. These include transitional justice actors, Colombian lawmakers, journalists in Colombia and internationally, human rights advocates in Colombia and internationally, U.N. and regional human rights monitoring bodies, academics and students, and anyone interested in understanding the issues it covers.

V. Functionality Requirements of VigiaAfro website

The website will have administrator(s) who must be able to conduct the following tasks quickly and with relative ease:

  1. Have access to backend tools to add and update reports and other written information 
  2. Have access to backend tools to add photographs and graphics 
  3. Have access to backend tools to create login protections for users authorized to upload information. 
  4. Have ability to edit website content for privacy concerns. 
    • * Note that privacy of survivors is of utmost priority for this project. PCN and MADRE will develop a system to ensure information in all reports, videos, photographs and other materials is vetted for maintenance of confidentiality prior to upload. 
  5. Have access to analytical tools to be able to understand who is visiting the website, while protecting the privacy of administrators and users. 

VII. RFP & Project Timeline Details – 

Deadline for Submission of Proposal………………………... March 5

Anticipated Deadlines for Deliverables: 

Consultations on revisions needed to the website…………….April 1-8

Implementation of initial revisions ……………………………May 2021

Ongoing support………………………………………………...through November 30

VII. Budget Details 

In your proposal, please explain your hourly rate or fixed rate estimate for design and implementation, as well as ongoing technical support rates. 

Submit your proposal to: no later than March 5, 2021.*

*Note that proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis.