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We Create a Peaceful World

Combating Violence Against Women

We help women to heal from abuse and become powerful advocates for every woman’s right to a life free of violence. 

2014 Wangki Tangi Forum Protest
Peace Building

Together with our partners, we offer trauma counseling, shelter, health care and eduction. And we advocate with women for policies that create lasting peace and support war survivors.

Ending Rape as a Weapon of War

We can end rape as a weapon of war in our lifetime. To achieve this, we partner with grassroots women to protect survivors, confront stigma, and advocate before governments.

LGBTQI Rights Initiative

We stand for every human's right to be safe and free in our bodies and in our identities. We support the grassroots organizing of local women and LGBTQI activists, creating safe spaces and building power together.

Emergency Relief

We ensure that women and families have urgent aid and lasting support to rebuild after disaster strikes.

How You Can Help