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We Build Resilient Communities

Economic Justice & Fighting Poverty

We help women to lift their families out of poverty and hunger, and achieve economic independence.

Environmental Justice

We preserve harmony and balance with our environment, and stand up to harmful exploitation of our natural resources.

Zenab woman harvesting
Women's Health

We safeguard the health of women and girls, and meet their specific needs for immediate and long-term care.

Women Climate Defenders

We give tools and support to women defenders of our climate and all the lives who depend on it.

Emergency Relief

We ensure that women and families have urgent aid and lasting support to rebuild after disaster strikes.

Latest Press


Women organizers, who led the resistance to the Trump administration from the president’s first day in office, propelled a movement that sent a record number of women to Congress in 2018.

Those fearless new women now making policy on Capitol Hill are not content to simply take office. Indeed, we see more equitable representation of women as only one step toward building a more just and feminist policy agenda—particularly within the male-dominated and notoriously entrenched realm of U.S. foreign policy.

published: 05/09/2019

The crisis in Venezuela is again accelerating, with renewed protests and ongoing opposition efforts to push Nicolás Maduro out of power. The US has also mounted a campaign to undermine his rule, including with the threat of military intervention. MADRE calls for an escalated commitment to a negotiated settlement to end the crisis in Venezuela and for an end to the threats of US military attack. And we denounce US attempts at regime change, the latest in a long history of destabilizing interventions in the region.

published: 05/03/2019
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