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Voices Calling for No Borders on Gender Justice

The Trump Administration and right-wing governments around the world are targeting the rights of women, LGBTIQ people, Muslims, refugees and migrants, people of color and Indigenous Peoples. Communities that have long faced discrimination and violence are even more under threat.

As activists, we need to create and strengthen ways for us to work together in the face of this crisis. That’s why MADRE – along with our allies at the Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI), Just Associates (JASS), the Urgent Action Fund (UAF) and the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) – held a special convening to connect US and global social justice activists.

Together, we shared the threats we face, put our heads together to devise more effective ways to resist, and asserted our shared principles to build a truly secure and just world.

Click below to hear directly from a few activists who participated.


Rose Cunningham, Executive Director of Wangki Tangni, a MADRE partner and Indigenous women’s organization in Nicaragua


“Today’s conversation was one step in affirming the different experiences that we all have, but it was also an important step in forging the type of alliance and transnational solidarity that will allow us to build the type of world that we truly deserve.” - Opal Tometi, Executive Director of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration and co-founder of Black Lives Matter


Shannon Johnson, Asylum Representation Attorney, The Florence Project


Daysi Flores, Honduras Country Coordinator, JASS Mesoamerica