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VIVA Girls Open Call Notice

Young Kenyan girl sits with a stoic look and traditional headwear.
Looking for more information on how to apply for a VIVA Girls Grant?

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The first round of the VIVA Girls Open Call brought a high volume of incredible applications, of which, 20 new organizations and initiatives became the first cohort of our VIVA Girls Grantees. After selecting this first set of grantees, we have made the difficult decision to NOT reopen our open call for grants.

Due to COVID-19 and the high volume of incredible applications from across the world, we're adapting our resources to:

(i) respond to the needs that have emerged in these critical times and

(ii) support a second cohort of VIVA Girls Grantees from the first application cycle.

Thank you for your interest in MADRE's grantmaking programs. Sign up here for more information about grant opportunities from MADRE as and when they become available.