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VIVA Girls Call for Proposals

Frequently Asked Questions

How does MADRE define communities in conflict, disaster, and their aftermath?

MADRE recognizes communities in war, disaster, and their aftermath as communities facing acute climate crises, crises of extreme gender-based violence, war, and authoritarian or pre-authoritarian regimes where human rights are under increasing or acute threat.

How does MADRE define a girl or a young woman?

There are many markers and definitions of girl- and young woman-hood across the world. For this reason, MADRE recognizes the right of girls and young women to self-determine their own identities. We encourage individuals who identify as girls and young women under the age of 30 who meet the above eligibility criteria to apply.

How does MADRE define LGBTIQ?

LGBTIQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer. While these terms have increasing global resonance, in different cultures other terms are often used to refer to people who are attracted to people of the same gender, people with gender identities that differ from the sex assigned at birth, people with nonbinary identities and people whose sex characteristics do not fit typical definitions of male and female (such as hijra, meti, lala, skesana, motsoalle, mithli, kuchu, kawein, travesty, muxé, fa’afafine, fakaleiti, hamjensgara and Two-Spirit).* 

We don’t have to submit a proposal?

No!  If you are selected based on your application and our eligibility criteria, we will reach out about the second (and final step) in the application process which will include submitting a short proposal.

We don’t have to submit a budget with our application?

No! Please indicate how much you estimate your program/project/work will cost and if you are selected, we will ask for a budget or work with you to build one.

Can my group apply if we’re not registered?

Yes! We support unregistered groups and believe that registration is not a necessary indicator of quality or legitimacy. Please indicate if you work with a fiscal sponsor or not.

Can I apply as an individual?

Yes! We understand that sometimes movements start with the great ideas of individuals. It will be valuable to outline in your application why you are working alone and if you have any plans to grow your team moving forward.

What if I’m over 30 but run programming for girls and young women?

We encourage you to apply for the open call, if you work with girls and young women in the following priority communities:  a.) Afro-descendent, b.) Indigenous, c.) communities in the midst of climate crisis, war, conflict, or their aftermath, d.) LGBTIQ, e.) individuals with disabilities. We recognize the importance of intergenerational engagement and the role that adults can play in supporting girls and young women in their leadership across the world.

What if we work with men and boys or we want to include men and boys in our proposal?

We know that movements require allies and that you are best-equipped to determine if boys and men should be included in your work to fight for the rights of girls and young women.

When is my application due? 

Applications will be accepted in 2 cycles. Please submit your application by February 10th for Cycle 1 or by May 18th for Cycle 2. These two cycles differ in the timeline for receiving funds, but do not differ in eligibility or any other criteria.

I’m having trouble uploading, what should I do?

Please contact or text via WhatsApp, Viber or Signal at +1 347-439-7393 with any questions.


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