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Transitional Justice Legal Consultant(s)

MADRE seeks (a) Transitional Justice Legal Consultant(s) to draft documents for transitional justice bodies regarding gender-based crimes committed against Afro-descendant communities in the context of the Colombian armed conflict. 

I. Project Overview and Objectives: 

MADRE is working in partnership with the Colombian organization, Proceso de Comunidades Negras (PCN), on projects aimed at ensuring inclusive justice and reparations for crimes committed against Afro-descendants in the context of conflict. 

II. Who is MADRE?

MADRE is a non-profit international feminist human rights and humanitarian organization based in New York that supports grassroots women's organizations around the world in contexts of war, disaster and their aftermath. It helps women meet urgent needs, build safer and healthier communities, and advocate for lasting change.

III. Job Requirements

The transitional justice consultant(s) will conduct legal research and writing on the breadth, causes, and impacts of gender violence and other crimes committed against Afro-descendant communities during Colombia’s conflict. Consultant(s) will also advise MADRE and PCN on legal and practical strategies to ensure that policy makers and other key audiences understand and ensure that these crimes are prioritized in transitional justice processes. Consultant(s) will:

  • Meet with MADRE and PCN’s women’s advocates to prepare the strategy and collaborate on materials.  
  • In collaboration with MADRE and PCN, and their lawyers, research and draft advocacy and legal materials for the purposes of advancing transitional justice in Colombia. 

IV. Transitional Justice Consultant Qualifications

  • Fluency in Spanish and English.
  • Demonstrated experience and expertise in transitional justice, with a particular focus on racial and gender justice.
  • Capability for preserving individuals’ anonymity
  • Demonstrated sensitivity towards survivors of SGBV.
  • Strong research and writing skills and ability to draft persuasive briefs.
  • Strong capacity for incorporating constructive feedback. 

V. Application & Project Timeline Details – 

Please submit a CV and brief cover letter. 

Deadline for Submission of applications* …………………………………….April 1, 2021 

Anticipated Deadlines for Deliverables: 

Production of briefs and advocacy materials………………First Draft- July, 2021; Final Draft August, 2021

VII. Budget Details 

In your proposal, please explain your hourly rate or fixed rate estimate. 

Submit your proposal to: with the subject headline “Transitional Justice Consultant” no later than April 1, 2021

* Note that proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis.