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Think Like A Mother

Yifat Susskind speaking at TEDwomen. Quote beside her reads: There is a way to face these big crises in the world without feeling overwhelmed and despairing. It's simple and it’s powerful.  It’s to think like a mother.

This is a tumultuous time. As you're taking action to protect yourself and your loved ones, you're worried about those who are even more exposed to the dangerous COVID-19 pandemic we face.

It’s that kind of thinking that is guiding MADRE’s emergency response to the COVID-19 crisis. We’re focusing on providing immediate protection from the virus in communities grappling with war, poverty, and disaster, who have the fewest resources to respond.

But we’re not only fighting the virus; we must also confront virulent ideologies of hate and fear that we see spreading in this crisis and that pit us against each other. We do that by speaking out and by envisioning a better way forward.

Last December, MADRE Executive Director Yifat Susskind delivered a talk at TED Women. Then, we didn't know how deeply relevant her message would be to the crisis we now face. This is a message that has always driven MADRE and that guides our strategy today: think like a mother.

Doctor works to provide relief to a group of women.

Photo of Iraqi organizer


Majid is an Iraqi house painter turned activist dedicated to the fight against inequality. When ISIS invaded northern Iraq, Majid sprung into action. Working with a local women's organization, he helped build an escape network for those at risk of violence. He says, “If we want a brighter future, we have to build it now.”

Sudan partner, Fatimah, with a member of Zenab showing their harvest


East Africa was hit with famine. Women walked for days with their children in search of food and water. A group of women farmers, led by our partner from Sudan, Fatima, heard about what was happening and donated extra money earned from their harvest to save lives and strengthen communities.


You don't have to be a mother to think like one. Tune in and hear more.

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Women walking together in traditional garb.