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Take Action for Women and Families!

Make Your 2017 Membership Gift Today

Trump's reckless policies and hateful rhetoric threaten the lives of women and families around the world. But you are not helpless! You have a meaningful way to act on your beliefs and principles by making your 2017 MADRE membership gift today!

The new administration has declared its intent to dismantle protections for human rights and the environment both in the US and around the world. Our lifesaving work with women and communities worldwide is now even more important and necessary. 

Here's what we must to now, and how your membership gift today will help: 

Defend Women in Warzones

With warmongers in top US posts, the world is at risk of even more armed conflict — including rape and sexual slavery as weapons of war. Your 2017 membership gift will help:

  • Expand escape routes and emergency shelters for women and girls fleeing sexual slavery and deadly violence in Iraq.
  • Deliver urgent medical supplies and reproductive health care to Syrian women and families fleeing ISIS and help to rebuild and stock a children's hospital in Aleppo.
  • Send vital support and safe birthing kits to a MADRE-supported network of Palestinian and Israeli midwives committed to maternal health and to peace.
Iraqi woman in black and white © Daniel Smith
Mobilize on Climate Change

In response to climate change-denying politicians, we must protect those suffering from the food shortage, droughts, floods and diseases linked to this growing danger. Your 2017 membership gift will help:

  • Build clean water systems to guard against drought and contamination in Indigenous communities in Kenya.
  • Stock seed banks to feed hungry families and support farmers markets for Indigenous women farmers in Nicaragua.
  • Train Indigenous women to campaign for fair and effective climate policy that protects people and the planet. 
Build Resilience

Women and girls who have endured violence and injustice need our support to find their power and embrace another chance at life. Your 2017 membership gift will help:

  • Empower traumatized women and girls, including former child soldiers in Colombia, to transform themselves from survivors to activists through counseling, art therapy, human rights and skills training.
  • Create "Shelter Without Walls" in Nicaragua. By changing laws and social norms, we aim to make whole communities safe from sex trafficking and domestic violence. Women in Colombia, Syria and Iraq also dream of their own Shelters Without Walls.
Help women experiencing sexual violence  3

A safer, more promising life is possible for many thousands of women around the world. I know it, because you and our partners are helping to build it. Please exercise your generous impulse to create social change and give women an antidote to despair. Commit to MADRE today with a generous, tax-deductible membership gift. Thank you.

With optimism and gratitude,

Yifat Susskind
Executive Director

P.S. When times are bad, as they surely are now, you can take heart in the vital truth that your MADRE membership is an effective, meaningful way to respond to attacks on our rights, our health, our planet, our future. Now, more than ever, your activism will help save imperiled lives, guide survivors to become activists, transform entire communities with real solutions, and help change laws, minds and beliefs in what's possible. Commit to MADRE with a tax-deductible 2017 membership gift today. We need you with us. Thank you.