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Standing Up for Black Lives and Racial Justice

Plain white background graphic with yellow and teal text that reads: "Beyond danger, we know that there is possibility."

Protests in defense of Black lives have expanded throughout the US and abroad. MADRE partners were inspired to come together to offer their solidarity and embrace a unified movement towards liberation.

Read their joint statement: English, Español, or العربية.

Afro-Colombian Women Under Attack: #FreeSaraAndTulia

Sara Quiñonez and Tulia Maris Valencia, Afro-Colombian human rights defenders, were arrested based on unfounded charges and forced into prison for over a year.

While they are now free, their story shines a light on repression that aims to silence Black women and girl organizers.

PCN members welcome Sara and Tulia, just released from prison, with songs and drums to celebrate their freedom.
Protestors in PPE masks walk across a bridge holding signs that read: Justice for Floyd and Black Lives Matter
Speaking Out for Black Lives

“In our work with partners across the globe, we recognize the global movement for Black lives and the resonance that the phrase “Black Lives Matter” holds for many. This is why MADRE stands with protestors demanding accountability for these murders. We say their names and reassert our commitment for a just and feminist future.”

No Choice But to Resist

Afro-Colombian women experience high rates of discrimination, displacement and human rights abuses. For their activism, many face retaliation and criminalization. With Proceso de Comunidades Negras, MADRE helped to publish a book spotlighting the stories of Afro-Colombian organizers.

A woman holds a sign featuring Sara Quiñonez's and Tulia Maris Valencia's photos.
A woman holds a sign featuring Sara Quiñonez's and Tulia Maris Valencia's photos.
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