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Standing With Standing Rock

Across the world, Indigenous Peoples are rising to protect their land, rights, and culture. And Indigenous women are leaders who organize to defend their families and their communities against resource exploitation and pollution that threatens people and the planet.  MADRE stands in solidarity with these women and their communities, worldwide and today in Standing Rock.

"We Indigenous Miskito women in Nicaragua stand up with our sisters and brothers in Standing Rock. In our language, we speak of "liwa mairin," the spirit women who protect our water, and we recall their power when we stand up as Indigenous women waterkeepers to defend our territories. We know that our water is life, and we send you our solidarity."

Rose Cunningham Kain, Founder and Director, Wangki Tangni, Nicaragua

"The  African Indigenous Women's Organization and the different women's networks of the Indigenous Information Network in Kenya offer our support and our strength to the water protectors of Standing Rock. We know what it means when water is threatened, because of drought or contamination. We are thousands of miles away, but we are with you."

Lucy Mulenkei, Executive Director, Indigenous Information Network, Kenya

"Indigenous women of Nepal send strength and solidarity to water protectors of Standing Rock. We all know the exploitation of Indigenous peoples around the world has always been tied to the exploitation of land, water and resources. We are with you brothers and sisters in this fight to protect our land, water and rights. We will together let the world know that if humans are going to have future in this planet, it will have to be one where land and water is protected."

Alina Saba, National Indigenous Women Forum, Nepal 


After months of protest, Indigenous water protectors and activists have won a ruling from the federal government against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. This decision calls to reroute the pipeline that threatened to contaminate the water supply of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

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