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Solidarity at the Border

An International Indigenous Women's Delegation to the US-Mexico Border

The Trump Administration has stepped up its assault on immigrants, refugees and Indigenous Peoples. 

In response, we brought a delegation of Indigenous women from all across the world — our partners from Guatemala, Nicaragua, Kenya, Nepal and Cameroon — to the US-Mexico border. These are women who know well what it means for communities and Indigenous territories to be separated by borders. They have seen the devastating impacts when families are forced to flee by poverty, violence and climate change, compelled to seek safety far from home.

And they came together with Indigenous women and leaders in Arizona to exchange experiences and solutions. The video below captures highlights of that visit.

Click CC to turn on captions.

Thank you to our partners, US Human Rights Network and the Continental Network of Indigenous Women of the Americas, North American Region.

Special thank you to the AZ House of Representatives Indigenous Peoples Caucus; Pasqua Yaqui Tribe in Guadalupe, AZ; Gila River Indian Community; and Tohono O'odham Nation.


Thank you to Dana Offenbach and team for their work creating this video.