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Women's Weaving Collective



Indigenous Ixil women living in the Quiché region of Guatemala endured 36 years of civil war. They were targeted with genocide, and many lost their homes and loved ones. Women still carry the burdens of those days. 

Today, many widows and single mothers are the sole breadwinners for their families. They continue to face discrimination as Indigenous women and are denied access to their rights and resources. They struggle to provide basic necessities for their children and to heal from the atrocities of the war.

Catarina Guatemala
Woman Weaving


MADRE’s local partner is an Indigenous women’s group called MUIXIL. Together with you, we support a weaving collective to help women raise income, preserve heritage and mobilize together to demand rights and justice.

A member of MUIXIL uses a loom to make fabric


We give women the tools they need to sustain themselves and their families. We provide grants to our partners to purchase looms and the raw materials women need to produce and sell traditional weavings. This raises income for their families. What’s more, these weavings preserve the women’s Indigenous Ixil heritage by passing down their traditional designs.

Our grantmaking also provides food and income by giving women the supplies needed to raise chickens to feed their families and sell eggs in local markets.

A group of women stand around a table looking at a sheet of paper

Organizational Strengthening

We provide trainings that make human rights real and relevant to women. In this way, MADRE and MUIXIL equip Ixil women with tools and knowledge to vote and run in local elections and take part in public life. They take steps to advocate for their rights globally and at home.

A group of women sit around a table, a few are raising their hands.

Legal Advocacy

We mobilize to defend Indigenous women from systemic violence and demand justice. We make sure women’s voices are heard in justice processes, including in trials to hold perpetrators accountable for human rights abuses against Indigenous Peoples.

  • By selling their weaving, women raise money to feed their families and send their children to school.
  • Survivors of genocide preserve and pass on their traditional heritage through unique weaving designs.
  • Women gain knowledge of their human rights and the skills to demand them in elections, national policymaking and before international human rights bodies.
Muixil Rooster


MUIXIL is a Guatemalan grassroots women's group that promotes the political, economic, and cultural rights of Ixil Mayan and other Indigenous women. 


Global women's rights around the world are essential to thriving local and global economies. Yet, their critical contributions, in the home and in their communities, are often undervalued.