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The Safe Birth Project



Every mother deserves a safe, healthy and joyful birth. But in the West Bank, Israeli military roadblocks and restrictions on Palestinians' freedom of movement stand in the way. These obstacles prevent women from reaching hospitals and accessing reproductive health care. Pregnant women often receive no prenatal care and deliver in unsafe conditions or without a skilled health worker. This endangers women's lives. 


MADRE mobilizes in Palestine to address the US-supported occupation that endangers women’s lives during pregnancy and childbirth. We support Midwives for Peace, a grassroots group of 24 Palestinian and Israeli midwives. The midwives have come together to act on their commitment to their profession and to peace.


Partner for Social Change
  • We support trainings and workshops that bring Palestinian and Israeli midwives together. These meetings not only allow the midwives to share expertise and learn concrete skills. They also build bonds of friendship that transcend the conflict around them. 
  • We provide safe delivery kits that reduce maternal and infant mortality. These packages contain vital supplies like sterile gauze, gloves, blankets and prenatal supplements. They help ensure that midwives are equipped to care for mothers and their newborns.
Advocate for Human Rights
  • We call for an end to restrictive policies that threaten women’s health. MADRE stands with our Palestinian and Israeli partners in demanding an end to occupation, which separates communities and prevents pregnant women from accessing essential healthcare. 



  • Women, guided by midwives, experience safe and healthy pregnancies and births. 
  • The health of mothers and newborns is improved as the midwives provide women with personalized healthcare counseling on breastfeeding, hygiene, infant care and family planning.
  • Despite the ongoing conflict, Palestinian and Israeli midwives work cooperatively, acting as role models for peaceful coexistence.
  • Women have increased access to well-trained midwives in their communities, limiting the need for difficult trips to the hospital through heavily barricaded military checkpoints. 


​Midwives for Peace is a grassroots group of Palestinian and Israeli midwives working together to ensure that childbirth is a joyous and safe experience for women despite the conflict that surrounds them. Midwives for Peace saves lives by providing critical pre-natal care and childbirth support.


A woman's right to health is fundamental. Yet, women and girls often face obstacles that prevent them from receiving the care they need. 

Your Support in Action

Gomer from our partner organization Midwives for Peace recently visited the MADRE office with an update on their work.
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