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Care in Crisis for Women and Girls



The Syrian people are enduring one of the world's worst humanitarian disasters. Women and girls suffer the threat of widespread rape and forced marriages on top of the mass displacement, starvation and armed attacks against millions of civilians. Refugees fleeing their homes for nearby countries struggle to find food, housing, healthcare and other basics.

Yifat Women Lead to Peace
Syrian Mother and Daughter Smiling


With your support, MADRE partners with grassroots Syrian women's groups to provide humanitarian aid to refugees and to demand peace and justice for all Syrians. 

Partner for Social Change
  • We deliver life-saving aid and medical supplies. With our local partners, we offer care and counseling to refugee women and girls. We also support Syrian health workers as first responders, providing tools and training to identify and treat survivors of violence.
  • We provide reproductive health services, contraception and trauma counseling. We support our partners to provide routine check-ups and education about family planning.
  • We operate a school in a refugee camp in Lebanon's Beka'a Valley. We help young Syrian children continue their education in a safe space, despite the upheaval they’ve faced.
Advocate for Human Rights
  • We train women to document, denounce and eventually prosecute rape as a weapon of war. We enable local activists to mobilize the international human rights framework to advance their demands for peace and justice.
  • We advocate for Syrian women's independent participation in peace talks. Without women's voices, negotiations neglect the majority's needs and are more likely to fail. Our advocacy calls for a renewed peace process with an active role for women.
  • We connect Syrian women to peace activists from across the world. Together, they share lessons learned about building communities back from conflict.
  • Women and families get humanitarian aid that relieves poverty and saves lives.
  • Vital reproductive care improves the health of mothers and babies.
  • Rape survivors get care and learn to document crimes against women for prosecution.
  • Women learn to negotiate sustainable peace agreements that safeguard women's human rights.
Syrian Mother and Daughter Smiling

Your Support in Action

Since the violence started in Syria more than five years ago, MADRE has partnered with grassroots Syrian women’s organizations to provide urgent care for women and families. Thanks to our courageous on-the-ground partners, we’ve been able to get aid into hard-hit places like Aleppo.

"One of the worst things about being a refugee is feeling invisible. If something horrible happened to me, no one would know about it. But when we received your help, it changed so much. It told me that someone knows I am here. That someone is worried about me and they want to make sure that I'm OK." - Syrian woman helped by MADRE and our local partners

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