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Efraín Ríos Montt, the Guatemalan dictator responsible for inflicting mass killings, rapes and genocide against Indigenous Peoples in the 1980s, has died. Under his regime, up to 70,000 people were killed, mostly in Mayan communities. MADRE stands with our partners and with all Indigenous women and families still seeking justice and healing more than 30 years later.

published: 04/02/2018

Moments of catastrophe that destroy communities often provide opportunities to rebuild them to be more resilient to preexisting harms. The challenge lies in spotting and seizing those opportunities. With the re-takeover of Mosul and other cities formerly controlled by the Islamic State, the rapidly growing demand for shelter in Iraq continues unabated. Yet the dearth of supportive services in many affected communities continues. One obstacle is an Iraqi policy that effectively forbids local organizations from providing shelter. 

published: 03/28/2018

With the first year of Trump’s presidency behind us and midterm elections fast approaching, progressive women are faced with the looming question of what comes next. How can we go beyond resistance to advance our progressive vision, especially in this difficult moment in history when the right is on the rise? 

published: 03/19/2018
Your Support in Action

When I updated you just weeks ago about the situation in Eastern Ghouta, Syria, the news was already devastating. In the days since, it's gotten even worse.

published: 03/15/2018
Human Rights Report

A new convention on crimes against humanity (CAH) is in its final draft stages — and recently hit a new milestone. Following a campaign led by MADRE, Outright Action International and CUNY Law School, the International Law Commission (ILC) took a crucial step. In the latest draft, the outdated definition of gender — which placed many at risk and limited rights protections — was removed. 

published: 03/13/2018
Human Rights Report

In summer 2017, the International Law Commission, a UN body dedicated to developing international legal standards, completed its first reading of the draft articles for a new convention on crimes against humanity, which members of the General Assembly’s Sixth Committee (on legal questions) reviewed in fall 2017. While the current treaty draft embraces strong language from the Rome Statute, including gender as a protected class from persecution, it also adopts its unusual footnote defining gender.

published: 03/13/2018

Dear Friend,

This International Women's Day, I'm pausing for a moment to reflect. I'm thinking about the feminist future we're struggling towards — and what it looks like when we win.

A feminist future draws closer each time we educate a girl. Each time we create protections that allow women to live life free of discrimination and violence. Each time a woman steps up into leadership to demand change in her community and in the world.

I'm grateful for MADRE, for our partners, and for you — and for the daily actions we each take to bring our progressive vision of the future to life.

published: 03/08/2018
Press Release

Afro-descendant women’s organizations in Colombia will mark International Women’s Day by highlighting Black women’s role in peacebuilding and calling for reparations for conflict-related gender-based violence and other human rights violations. As members of communities that have long suffered governmental neglect, Afro-Colombian women and girls have faced disproportionate rates of conflict-related human rights violations with minimal access to justice or services. 

published: 03/07/2018

In the days since Turkey launched an air offensive and ground invasion in northwestern Syria, few have stepped forward to condemn these actions, even as the number of casualties has been mounting and thousands have lost their homes. 

published: 01/29/2018

Happy New Year and Happy 35th Anniversary to MADRE! We are honored and delighted to write to you today, as the Co-Chairs of MADRE's Board of Directors, to kick off our celebration of MADRE's 35 incredible years of advancing women's human rights and working to build a world of equality, justice and peace for all!


published: 01/17/2018