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Human Rights Report

Drafted by Proceso de Comunidades Negras, MADRE, and the Human Rights and Gender Justice Clinic at CUNY School of Law, the report is on human rights violations and a pattern of discrimination against Afro-Colombian women and their communities.

published: 09/23/2019

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published: 09/18/2019

MADRE is working with our partners Female Solidarity for Integrated Peace and Development (SOFEPADI) to support women, children and families affected by the Ebola crisis in the community of Beni

published: 09/09/2019

The Amazon is ablaze. This year, the unprecedented number of fires raging in the rainforest represents an 82% increase from 2018. Smoke from the fires plunged Sao Paulo into darkness. This crisis threatens the survival of Indigenous Peoples who call the Amazon home. 

MADRE calls for solidarity with and protections for Indigenous Peoples in Brazil, especially Indigenous women who are defending their territories against exploitation and confronting far-right policies to protect their lands and communities. We are mobilizing resources to provide urgent aid and to support Indigenous women’s organizing.

published: 08/29/2019
Your Support in Action

In April, MADRE organized a delegation of international Indigenous women — from Kenya, Israel, Nepal, Colombia, Guatemala and Nicaragua -- partnering with the US-based Indigenous Environmental Network to bring them to North Dakota.

published: 08/07/2019
Press Release

A coalition of human rights organizations, led by MADRE, Outright Action International and CUNY Law School, have announced a historic victory for the power of international law to extend protection to all victims of atrocities. Their campaign to ensure international legal protections for the rights of women and LGBTIQ people has won a crucial endorsement from the International Law Commission (ILC), the body charged with drafting a new treaty on prevention and punishment of crimes against humanity.

published: 06/19/2019

The Trump Administration has finally released the US Strategy on Women, Peace, and Security (“WPS Strategy”). The WPS Strategy, mandated by the Women, Peace, and Security Act of October 2017, addresses the role of women in preventing and resolving conflict.

published: 06/19/2019

Women organizers, who led the resistance to the Trump administration from the president’s first day in office, propelled a movement that sent a record number of women to Congress in 2018.

Those fearless new women now making policy on Capitol Hill are not content to simply take office. Indeed, we see more equitable representation of women as only one step toward building a more just and feminist policy agenda—particularly within the male-dominated and notoriously entrenched realm of U.S. foreign policy.

published: 05/09/2019

The crisis in Venezuela is again accelerating, with renewed protests and ongoing opposition efforts to push Nicolás Maduro out of power. The US has also mounted a campaign to undermine his rule, including with the threat of military intervention. MADRE calls for an escalated commitment to a negotiated settlement to end the crisis in Venezuela and for an end to the threats of US military attack. And we denounce US attempts at regime change, the latest in a long history of destabilizing interventions in the region.

published: 05/03/2019
Your Support in Action

When we honor Earth Day, it’s about much more than the ground beneath your feet. It’s the food that nourishes us, the water that sustains us, the air that flows through us. It’s about the deep and intricate connections between all beings, and our responsibility to live in balance with each other and the Earth.

published: 04/22/2019