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For the fifth consecutive year, MADRE and our sister organization CHIRAPAQ facilitated a stone carving workshop for Indigenous Quechua and Ashaninkas youth in rural and urban communities in Ayacucho, Peru. The goal of the project is to give Indigenous children...

published: 03/24/2009
Press Release

Today, with President Obama's signature of an executive order to repeal the Mexico City Policy, also known as the Global Gag Rule, a major global barrier to access to crucial women's health services is to be removed. MADRE applauds...

published: 01/23/2009
Human Rights Report

The Report addressed two urgent concerns regarding violations of women’s human rights in Nicaragua including, laws that criminalized all abortion, and the escalating campaign of harassment and persecution against groups who oppose the abortion ban as well as other groups who were outspoken in their criticism of the government. 

published: 10/13/2008
Press Release

July 7, 2008–New York, NY–As the Group of 8 (G8) nations today begin their three-day summit in Toyako, Japan, MADRE issued an open letter to world leaders emphasizing that upholding women's human rights is key to resolving the global food...

published: 07/07/2008
Press Release

January 23, 2008–New York, NY–MADRE supports the decision of Ms. Magazine to decline a paid ad from the American Jewish Congress (AJC) featuring three prominent Israeli women along with the text, "This is Israel." The mission of Ms. is...

published: 01/23/2008
Press Release

November 30, 2007–New York, NY–In preparation for next week's United Nations (UN) Conference on Climate Change, MADRE today emphasized that human rights must be the starting point for international negotiations on climate policy. MADRE also announced the launch of its...

published: 11/30/2007
Press Release

MADRE Calls for the Adoption of the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous PeoplesOn September 13, the UN General Assembly will decide whether to adopt the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The Declaration establishes a framework for...

published: 09/05/2007
Press Release

September 5, 2007 – New York – As Hurricane Felix made landfall on Tuesday, pounding the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua, the impact of this category five storm reveals the situation of at-risk communities marginalized through discrimination and government neglect. As...

published: 09/05/2007