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On January 9, the people of Southern Sudan will cast their votes to determine whether the North and South of Sudan will remain unified, or whether Southern Sudan will secede and become an independent state. On this momentous day, six...

published: 01/07/2011

The following is a message from our friends at Women Make Movies:RACHEL is a startlingly rigorous, fascinating and deeply moving investigatory documentary that examines the death of peace activist and International Solidarity Movement (ISM) member Rachel Corrie, who was crushed...

published: 10/08/2010
Your Support in Action

MADRE's ally in Pakistan, Shirkat Gah was one of the first agencies on the scene in many of the worst-hit areas. Mobile medical clinics and food distribution centers have been established, and now Shirkat Gah is focusing on women.

published: 09/29/2010