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For 100 years, women worldwide have demonstrated for their rights every March 8. In honor of this 100th International Women's Day, through the month of March, MADRE is mobilizing 100 people to each give $100 to help secure the rights...

published: 03/08/2011

MADRE staff recently traveled to Guatemala to meet with our sister organizations, and we'd like to give you the chance to relive the trip! Some of you became a "virtual delegate" and received updates from Guatemala. If you would like...

published: 03/07/2011
Your Support in Action

For the second Friday in a row, thousands of people took to the streets in Baghdad, Basra and other cities across Iraq. Despite a ban on vehicles in Baghdad, many walked for hours to join the protests...

published: 03/04/2011
Your Support in Action

We just received the following update from Yanar Mohammed, the director of our partner organization in Iraq, about the spread of demonstrations into Iraqi cities.

published: 03/03/2011

MADRE congratulates the pro-democracy protesters in Egypt. After 18 days of protests, the people of Egypt have finally achieved their goal of bring an end to the 30 year reign of Hosni Mubarak. Shortly after 11am this morning, President...

published: 02/11/2011

Millions gathered today in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt in a nearly unprecedented act of defiance. Popular protests that began just a week ago have accelerated into a movement not seen in a generation, calling for an end to...

published: 02/01/2011

Yifat Susskind, MADRE's Executive Director, works to make human rights a reality for all people. Before joining the staff of MADRE, she was part of a joint Israeli-Palestinian human rights organization in Jerusalem, using journalism, advocacy and political organizing...

published: 01/22/2011

As soon as we let our sister organizations know about our new Executive Director, Yifat Susskind, the welcome messages poured in. Our partners, excited to hear that Yifat would be taking the leadership of MADRE, wrote to us to share...

published: 01/20/2011