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We support UN Secretary-General António Guterres in his recent call “for the waiving of sanctions that can undermine countries’ capacity to respond to the pandemic.”

published: 04/23/2020
Your Support in Action

Let’s ensure the most marginalized communities have what they need during the pandemic.

published: 03/24/2020

On February 29, the US signed an agreement with the Taliban — a historic moment weighed down by the legacies of a nearly 20-year war and fundamentally compromised by the decision to exclude the voices of Afghan women peacebuilders.

published: 03/03/2020

This is a critical time: we face a frightening escalation towards war, the abandonment of diplomacy, and attacks on human rights.

Here are a few items to look out for in Trump’s address — and what’s at stake for people and the planet.

published: 02/04/2020

Since 2001, MADRE and Taller de Vida, our local grassroots partner organization, have worked together to seek an end to years of war, to promote justice, and to sustain communities. 

published: 01/29/2020

In November 2017, MADRE, the Human Rights and Gender Justice (HRGJ) Clinic of the City University of New York (CUNY) School of Law, and the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) filed an investigation request with the International Criminal Court (ICC).

published: 01/28/2020

We condemn this hateful, bigoted policy — one that institutionalizes Islamophobia and perpetuates harmful stereotypes about Muslims. 

published: 01/27/2020

Trump is steering us towards a disastrous war. We must act immediately to prevent it.

published: 01/03/2020
Blog Post
Group of women dressed in colorful garments looking outwards

In a tumultuous world, there’s one thing you can count on: where oppressive power reigns, people will rise up to confront it. That’s always been true, and this year it feels all the more so. On Human Rights Day, we celebrate that resistance. 

published: 12/10/2019