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Today, history has been made. In a landmark victory for gay rights, the US Supreme Court has legalized same-sex marriage nationwide.

published: 06/26/2015
Blog Post

Recently, Amir Ashour, MADRE’s Iraq Human Rights Consultant, was invited to Lund, Sweden to discuss the increased persecution of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Iraqis due to the country’s escalating conflict. During his presentation, he emphasized the need for the international community to raise awareness of the grave abuses committed against LGBT individuals and demand the protection of their lives.

published: 06/23/2015
In the News

To show that your 20s aren't all that, we asked 30 incredible women to share just exactly why New York City is actually better as you get older — from mistakes they've made, lessons they've learned, and the advice they wish they'd had. See, getting older doesn't need to be so scary. In fact, it might actually feel good.

published: 06/01/2015
Your Support in Action

Together, we're delivering lifesaving aid to remote Indigenous communities off the radar of the large relief efforts. Without our grassroots partners, many of these communities would have no other sources of humanitarian relief.

published: 05/20/2015
Your Support in Action

Our grassroots partners at the organization WOREC have been delivering lifesaving aid like food, clothing, tents and medical kits


published: 05/06/2015

The murder of Sabeen Mahmud draws attention to the extremely dangerous climate that women human rights defenders face while working to keep a space open for civil society dialogue.

published: 05/01/2015
In the News

Iraqi woman human rights defender Yanar Mohammed spoke to Jennifer Allsopp at the Nobel Women’s Initiative conference about grass-roots responses to the atrocities women are facing under ISIS.

published: 04/26/2015
In the News

A radio program in light of the 14th Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues held in NYC. A panel discusses the political and cultural rights of Indigenous populations from around the world, and what role women play in the fight for social justice. 

published: 04/24/2015
Blog Post

Under even the harshest circumstances of brutal occupation by ISIS fighters, Iraqi and Syrian women are organizing to save lives and demand their rights. They are setting up shelters to protect women and girls, maintaining escape routes, providing humanitarian aid, advocating for international policy action, and so much more.

published: 04/21/2015