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Your Support in Action

Thanks to your support, MADRE and our local partners at Taller de Vida can continue to offer our healing programs for former child soldiers and sexual violence survivors in Colombia.

published: 07/25/2017
Your Support in Action

When women come together, powerful changes can happen. Here’s an inspiring example of how. It’s the story of Hellen and Sylvia, two Indigenous women in Kenya, and the transformative friendship they’ve forged, with your help.


published: 07/25/2017
Your Support in Action
Meet Paulina

Meet Paulina, an Indigenous woman farmer from the rural town of Chepareria in West Pokot, Kenya.


published: 07/18/2017
Your Support in Action

After nine months of bloody fighting, Iraqi military forces have seized back control of Mosul from ISIS. But for the many women and families devastated by three years of ISIS occupation, by months of brutal battles, and by US-led airstrikes that killed over 1,000 people – the fight to survive continues.


published: 07/11/2017
Blog Post

Where we work in Kenya, climate change is wreaking havoc on the lives of women farmers who depend on the land. When MADRE recently traveled there to visit our local partner organization, the Indigenous Information Network (IIN), we learned more about the solutions women create.

published: 07/07/2017
Your Support in Action

In 2014, Asma1 was kidnapped by ISIS fighters after they took over her village. She was certain she’d be trapped in their terrifying grip forever. But she realized: “If I stay, I know I will die. To live, I must escape.” For any chance at survival, she knew she had to risk her life to flee. 

published: 06/14/2017
Your Support in Action

Today, Trump released his budget proposal, one that eviscerates funding for vital social services at home and abroad while bloating defense spending. I’ve talked to you about his cruelty budget before, and how it will impact our work with women worldwide. With you standing with us, MADRE and our grassroots partners are fighting back.

published: 05/23/2017
In the News

Huddled around solar-powered radios, generations of Miskito women in Nicaragua tune in almost daily to the first and only radio station dedicated to women's rights in their native language. Airing from dawn till dusk six days a week along the country's impoverished north Atlantic Coast, the radio station is being hailed by U.N. Women and campaigners as a key way to reach remote indigenous communities plagued by violence against women and girls.

published: 05/22/2017

At the People's Climate March on April 29, we raised our voices, together with Indigenous partners defending communities and demanding climate justice worldwide, and with 300,000+ people dedicated to protect our futures. Our work together continues!

published: 05/11/2017

When our partners Lucy Mulenkei from Kenya and Rose Cunningham from Nicaragua were in New York for an annual UN meeting on Indigenous Peoples’ rights, we gave you the chance to reach out to them with your questions.

published: 05/09/2017
Press Release

Afro-Colombian leaders from organizations comprising the Consejo Nacional de Paz Afrocolombiano (CONPA) warn that rights and survival of Indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples are threatened by fast track formulation of the legal framework to implement Colombia’s Peace Accords. The leaders, meeting in Bogotá this week, also call for full compliance with the Ethnic Chapter of the Peace Accords and for meaningful participation of Afro-Colombian and Indigenous women in the implementation process. 

published: 05/08/2017

Under Trump, the US has hit Mosul, Iraq with airstrikes, illegally bombed Syria, escalated US military action in Somalia, and dropped the horribly-named “Mother of All Bombs” in Afghanistan. The list goes on. We know from our work in war zones around the world that military intervention only prolongs violence. And it increases threats against women and families, like mass displacement, humanitarian disaster, wartime rape and more.

published: 05/05/2017
Your Support in Action

Thanks to you, Indigenous women farmers of the Harvesting Hope project have the seeds, tools and training they need to raise food for their families — and that's not all. MADRE and our local partners, Wangki Tangni, also run a women’s rights radio station. 

published: 05/04/2017